Wi-Fi / Additional services

(in addition to the ordered internet or fiber optic access)

  • Basic Wi-Fi (without cabling)
    Basic 5GHz Wi-Fi, up to max. 30 User and Stand size max. 100m²   60.00 €
  • Premium Wi-Fi (without cabling)
    Premium 5GHz Wi-Fi, up to max. 100 User and Stand size max. 150m²   120.00 €
  • Exclusive Wi-Fi (without cabling)
    Exclusive 5GHz Wi-Fi, up to max. 200 User and Stand size max. 300m²   390.00 €
  • Deluxe Wi-Fi (without cabling)
    Deluxe 5GHz Wi-Fi, with a Wi-Fi Controller, over 200 users and stand size over 300m² from   1.070.00 €
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz activation (without operating guarantee)
    Wi-Fi 2,4GHz activation (Basic- up to Deluxe Wi-Fi)   60.00 €
  • 5 additional public IP-adresses
    for PC / clients to ordered internet or fibre optic access   99.00 €

Request for Consultation

  • Fiber optic access from 20 MB up to 1.000 MB
    Internet Access incl. Flatrate Bandwidth 20 Mbit/s up to 1.000 Mbit/s   Request for consultation
  • Fiber optic connection up to 1.000 MB
    Connection from stand to stand (also hall to  hall) with up to 1.000 Mbit/s   Request for consultation


WLAN Internet Access

Please contact us if you want to operate a WiFi network at your booth.

At the Cologne trade fair NetCologne exclusively offers you access to HighSpeed InterNet via WLAN. You can buy our HotSpot vouchers at our sales offices, located on the Boulevard and in the Passage between Hall 10/11.

Also you can acquire your log-in data directly on the internet-portal, that opens automatically if you try to go online within the reception area of a HotSpot. In this case, your access will be billed from paypal by credit card, bank transfer or paypal account. For further informations please contact us.


HotSpot vouchers are available in the following price categories:
(Prices have been modified, effective from 08/2017)

HotSpot voucher            24 hours                                 9.99 Euro
HotSpot voucher            48 hours                               16.99 Euro

24 or 48 hours = time debit account


On the following map you can find our HotSpot zones as well as the points of sale.

If you have any questions about our WLAN HotSpot at the Cologne trade fair, we will be happy to answer you under:  +49 221 284 9966.